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Glorified brands offers a wide range of perfumes made in South Africa from the finest oils imported from some of the well-established perfumery houses around the world.

  • We use the same quality ingredients as your other favourite designer brands
  • Fragrance notes refer to the various layers of ingredients, which make up the fragrance
  1. Top notes are very light and lasts just few minutes (5-10minutes)
  2. The middle notes begin after about 10-15minutes and lasts for about an hour
  3. The base notes are the final and longest lasting expression of a perfume and last for several hours
  • Our perfumes contain between 22-25% perfume oil concentrations enabling them to last much longer.
  • We offer over 100 types of fragrances to choose from, that you will find your favourite perfume.
  • Our 3 major fragrance types are floral, oriental, and chype.
  • The perfumes are packaged in a beautiful bottle making them an easy sell.
  • The prices are affordable that anyone can wear our perfume.
  • Our fragrances are available in 35ml bottles of both Feminine and Masculine range

Get your own bottle of Glorified Brands perfume today and smell the Glory…

Promotion valid from 28 January 2020 to 29 February 2020 while stock lasts.

Contact Details:

Tell: 010 449 1518
Cell 1: 081 427 1390
Cell 2: 081 590 7893


To find out more information about the Business and how to join us… CLICK HERE

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